MC Alyssa

“Alyssa Dzikowski….. WOW is all I can say!! We had the privilege to have her as a dancer at our daughter, Shea’s , Bat Mitzvah! Alyssa was amazing, fun loving, personable and just blended in with our family and friends! Her energy lit up the dance floor all night long!! Love her and would recommend her to MC
Roger eldmen- I have known Alyssa for sometime and I alway come away with the same thought about her. Alyssa is caring, thoughtful and full of ambition and energy. She has the drive to excel in anything she desires.”
–  Sherri Korman

“Alyssa is a surprise! She has surprised me from day 1. As a performer from day one she has applied herself to be and do better. Her proactive nature has enabled her to excel with the Pure Energy entertainers and she is keen to share her knowledge and talents with all those around her. Humble and kind Alyssa is absolutely the kind of person you want to surround yourself with.”
–  David Kiernan 

 “MC Alyssa’s passion for this industry is authentic. A soul full of love and creativity! Alyssa brings fire to the dance floor and she truly loves what she does!”
– Sofia Roth

“My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah would not have been the same without Alyssa’s incredible energy on the dance floor. She has an infectious personality that got everyone up and dancing on my daughter’s most special day. Additionally, after first meeting Alyssa, I felt reassured that our celebration would be a huge hit. She made sure that everyone was included, helped organize the giveways and prizes and kept the energy high the entire time. Alyssa has my highest recommendation for being a part of anyone’s next celebration.”
–  Oranit Shaked

“Alyssa is such a pleasure to work with! She is truly one of the most kindhearted people I know. Her smile lights up the room and her energy is so contagious! It’s always a joy whenever we get to work together!”
–  Alison Gladia

“Alyssa is Tenacious! Nothing stops her from reaching her goals. Her vibrant energy is irresistible and her dedication is incomparable. Alyssa is da bomb!”
– Alberto Martinez

“Alyssa , an overachiever who easily embodies pure energy. Full of beautiful energy, which easily fills any room with excitement. Understands the importance of making each family feel at home. A leader by example.”
– Andres

“Alyssa has been a great mentor to me. She is always present and working hard to become the best version of herself. Her hard work has rubbed off on me and has made me the Pure Energy dancer that I am today.
Without even knowing it, Alyssa is the reason why I became a Pure Energy dancer. At my audition, I saw the joy and energy that Alyssa brought to others, and I wanted to do the same thing: bring others happiness.
Alyssa’s energy and passion shines through with every step she takes on the dance floor. With time, I hope to make an impact on Pure Energy like Alyssa has.”
– Caryna