MC David

MC David

“It is truly an honor to share my personal and professional thoughts about David Kiernan, but to do it briefly is a challenge! David is not only one of my all time FAVORITE people on the planet, but he is one of the most professional, compassionate, hard working and dedicated people I know in the event industry today. David constantly finds ways to perfect his craft, but he invests in every person who works with him to elevate them to become the best professionals they can be. There are very few people, let alone professionals, who operate with the incredibly high degree (off the charts, really..) of professionalism that he does today, so I am beyond honored and humbled to call him my friend and colleague. I have LOTS of vendors I recommend in the industry, but David is my “go-to-best-in-class” professional MC and business owner I know!”
– Cantor Debbi Ballard

“What an inspiration as a human and entertainer! His dedication and passion for this industry is very contagious and he truly loves what he does. It shows not only when watching him do his thing at every event, but how he has created a fantastic group of entertainers. On a personal level, he has been an inspiration to do better in what I do, and I thank him for that! Pure energy is what he really is!”
– Sofia Roth Luna Enertainment

“David made each of my three daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs outstanding events. David and his team were completely professional and their ability to be inclusive to every guest was remarkable. Our guests for the 2nd and 3rd events asked, even almost demanded that David MC the next Bat Mitzvahs. He captures the young guests’ attentions and knew how to manage the venue personnel regarding timing and flow of the event. A complete turnkey team.”
– Jack Schnieder

“MC David is amazing! We have used him for both our boys Mitzvahs and he keeps getting better and better. He is super passionate about what he does and he was incredibly helpful from start to finish. He keeps all the kids and adults on the dance floor all night with his high energy and experience.”
– Lori Dubin
“From the first time I saw an worked with MC David , I felt he’s energy, he’s devotion to entertain and make everyone happy. He’s an amazing entertainer and he’s company name says it all ‘PURE ENERGY’ “
– Ruben Senderey
“I have known MC David and his team for many years, I have had the pleasure of seeing him work a room, his fabulous energy really makes a difference in getting your party started! David and his team do events like no one else I know.”
– Phyllis Bard, Kids In Distress
“MC David and staff are fabulous! As an Event Planner,every weekend after my events have come to an end, I thank my vendor’s on social media for a job well done. I have been working with you for years and always find you to be filled with a huge amount of “Energy”. You and your team are professional, outgoing and bursting with personality,always making my clients super happy! I have been in this business for 32 years and have seen it all, but honestly you give a special meaning to the word” Entertainer”. You should be proud of the Pure Energy team, they learned all that they know about the Entertainment business from you!! To anybody who will listen, I would highly recommend MC David and his incredible staff for your event! From the bottom of my heart you will love the feeling at the end of your party when you hug MC David goodbye, thinking when can I hire him for another fantastic party??? This was absolutely amazing!! For as long as you will keep Entertaining, I will keep having my clients hire you!”
– Debbie Malaga DM Events & Design

MC Bryan

MC Bryan

“I have been a planner for over 21 years and Bryan’s energy and smile is a joy to have on sight! I highly recommend Bryan and pure energy!”
– Melissa Davis

“Charismatic and a great person. Pure energy at each celebration, that is Bryan. love working with him.”
– Hector Partigliani

“MC Bryan has his whole heart invested in every single aspect of every event. Your party is as important to him as his own family. All or nothing.”
– MC Sara

“He’s truly one of the smoothest guys I know! From his hair to his dance moves to his smooth personality. MC B, is certainly the bomb!”
– MC Bryan

“I’m always excited to see Bryan when I arrive to a Mitzvah celebration. With Bryan on the mic I know the energy level will be high, everything will run smooth and we will have great teamwork that let’s all of the vendors perform to their best.”
– Jon Laye, Santa Barbara Photography

“Bryan is a gentle giant. He has the most incredible energy and passion and can seriously shake it! but his true personality is his winning smile!!!”
– Toni Jade

“Bryan is a genuinely good guy. Always full of energy, it’s infectious. If you weren’t in a good mood before you met him, you will be afterwards and if you’re looking to get your party rocking, Bryan is definitely the MC for you.”
– Freddie The Artist

“Mc Bryan brings so much pure energy (pun intended), it becomes infectious!”
– Rick Joseph

“Happiness is the quality of one’s soul and it is clear that Bryan holds so much joy and love in what he does and it shows in the way he gives to those around him. Spend some time, or a whole event, connecting with him and you’ll see what we mean! Bryan – thank you for always sharing your kindness, positivity, and joy with us and let’s not forget, putting your heart in all you do!”
– Marjy and Andy

“MC Bryan….his dynamic, energetic personality fills every room and every event. Always in tune with the room, the crowd and makes you want to dance the night away. His professional is top notch and you can always depend on him to rock your night.”
– Tara Horner

“MC Bryan is a true rockstar when it comes to the entertainment industry. He has so much energy and always brings elite professionalism. When MC Bryan is at an event, you know it’s going to be EPIC!”
– Chad Ehert

“MC Bryan- OMG! What can I say, you rock that stage at every celebration, you have this cool, playful way with the kids that makes you unique, not only you are a great Mc but also a great dancer. You are a Rock Star, love you dearly!”
– Sofia Roth

“Nothing’s better than walking in to an event and seeing Bryan’s smiling face, and getting a great big hug! When you see Bryan preparing for his event, you know your client is in the best hands possible. While EVERY staff member at Pure Energy is awesome and amazing, Bryan has absolutely become one of my favorites, because his ability to connect, personally, sets him apart. Bryan is fun, engaging, and always goes above and beyond to make his events magical!”
– Cantor Debbi

“Bryan has one of the most articulate and distinctive voices on a microphone, when he performs his voice projects to the audience with a commanding yet fun tone and he has the personality to match it…a true entertainer.”
– Mike Sipe

“Bryan has a passion for entertaining that really brings out the kid in all of us!”
– David Kiernan

“I love the energy that MC Bryan brings into a room with his down to earth personality, smile, and of course his swag!”
– Meghan Sipe

“If you are planning a bar or bat mitzvah consider MC Bryan. He is the life of the party and a great guy.”
– Matthew H. Maschler

“We LOVED MC Bryan! He did such an amazing job for our older daughter’s bat mitzvah. The crowd was energized and dancing throughout the entire evening. Everything flowed perfectly! He felt like family when he came back as a dancer for our younger daughter’s bat mitzvah. He kept all the teens and adults on their feet! If we had more children, we’d hire him and Pure Energy again in a heartbeat!”
– Jason & Jessica Berger

“MC Bryan and team kept the party going all night long. The dance floor was packed and the kids never sat down. I’m so happy we hired Pure Energy and my younger son can’t wait to have MC Bryan at his Bar Mitzvah.”
– Lee & Misty Weinger

MC Sara

MC Sara

“MC Sara- You are a beautiful soul and it shows every time I get to see you on stage. You are full of positive energy , you give all you have at every event. I am so happy to witness how women in this industry could be so successful and you are a great example.
Girl Power! You Rock!“
– Luna Roth Luna Entertainment

MC Kevin

MC Kevin

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MC David Brown

MC David Brown

“There are few people in this world that you meet for the first time that make you feel like you have met your best friend; David Brown is that kind of person. He is warm, positive and delivers an energy that simply makes everyone in the room HAPPY! He is an incredible human being and one of the best entertainers I have ever experienced, a truly Awesome Person and Entertainer.”
-Mike Sipe

“David’s energy on the dance floor is truly addictive, when you’re around him you just wanna smile and have fun. David has a charismatic personality and he truly comes alive when he is in the spotlight. My favorite part about David is truly his endless expressions and his persistence to keep everyone excited. I love going home and downloading the photos and seeing what crazy fun expressions I captured that evening!!!”
-Toni Jade

“MC David Brown is the true meaning of Pure Energy. He brings enthusiasm, talent and a non stop party atmosphere everywhere he goes. We absolutely love working with him, he plays to the camera and always has a packed dance floor. ”
-TimeLine Video Production

“David is an amazing addition to the already stellar Pure Energy family. His upbeat personality and positive energy is infectious. David is a pleasure to work with from beginning to end and has the ability to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long. Looking forward to our next event together! ”
– Carolyns Creations

“David Brown you are the best MC on the planet! The kids had the best night of their lives and we are lucky to have worked with you and your team at Pure Energy!”
– Adam Gutman

MC Marcelo

MC Marcelo

“MC Marcelo and DJ Silva made the night! Marcelo kept the room upbeat and was great with helping to raise money, while Silva kept people dancing and having a great time! I would recommend them to anyone looking to have the best event of the year!”
– Sydney Rubin, Director- Young Leadership Division, Jewish Federation of Broward County

“I just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate MC Marcelo from Pure Energy Entertainment. Seeing him standing behind Arielle with so much genuine pride and joy while she’s giving her speech, is priceless. A true professional!”
– Shay Cohen, Shay Cohen Photography

“Marcelo, thank you for making my daughter Lily’s Bat Mitzvah on 10/12/2019 a night that we will never forget. Your talent, class, and connection with my family and guests truly astonished me!! It was non-stop fun the entire evening. Planning a Bat Mitzvah for the first time can be extremely stressful. From the moment we met Marcelo, our MC from Pure Energy, at our first showcase more than two years ago, we knew we had to book him ASAP. Having that connection with your MC is what makes the party. I always heard Marcelo and Pure Energy had an amazing reputation, but to to meet with him personally makes all the difference. Marcelo takes the time to get to know what you want for your unforgettable event. This could be a once in a lifetime moment, so why not make it with the best MC. It will put your mind at ease. You are truly in the best hands. Pure talent and class!!! We can’t wait to celebrate again this weekend at our friends Bat Mitzvah. Thank you so much!”
– Alison Ledbetter