Illmatik Phlow

Illmatik Phlow aka iPhlow is a dance crew striving to breathe new life into the dance scene. What started as a group of friends that could really dance in the streets of Miami became much bigger.  The Phlow Crew realized after spending much time together they all possessed the same values in work ethics, teamwork, belief in their talents and . Hopefully, young people can be encouraged by our dancing to trust in those same values & live out their passions as we try to do.

We bring the style of “B-Stuntin'” to the dance floor. A culmination of dynamic techniques, explosive Miami flavor, a home-grown creative aspect, & a seven-man unifying “phlow” brings our style & those who witness it to life.

“We really hope that you enjoy what we do. If you capture the love that pours from our moves, our hearts, & souls as we dance, we’re already living our dreams.”