MC David Brown

“There are few people in this world that you meet for the first time that make you feel like you have met your best friend; David Brown is that kind of person. He is warm, positive and delivers an energy that simply makes everyone in the room HAPPY! He is an incredible human being and one of the best entertainers I have ever experienced, a truly Awesome Person and Entertainer.”
-Mike Sipe

“David’s energy on the dance floor is truly addictive, when you’re around him you just wanna smile and have fun. David has a charismatic personality and he truly comes alive when he is in the spotlight. My favorite part about David is truly his endless expressions and his persistence to keep everyone excited. I love going home and downloading the photos and seeing what crazy fun expressions I captured that evening!!!”
-Toni Jade

“MC David Brown is the true meaning of Pure Energy. He brings enthusiasm, talent and a non stop party atmosphere everywhere he goes. We absolutely love working with him, he plays to the camera and always has a packed dance floor. ”
-TimeLine Video Production

“David is an amazing addition to the already stellar Pure Energy family. His upbeat personality and positive energy is infectious. David is a pleasure to work with from beginning to end and has the ability to keep everyone on the dance floor all night long. Looking forward to our next event together! ”
– Carolyns Creations

“David Brown you are the best MC on the planet! The kids had the best night of their lives and we are lucky to have worked with you and your team at Pure Energy!”
– Adam Gutman

Pure Energy, MC David Brown is the best in the Biz!!!! He knew who all the VIP’S were and it didn’t go unnoticed!!! He was on point the entire night, from making sure John Ross’ Nana had a clear path to light her candle(he walked over to her table and walked her up to the candle) to knowing who were the rowdy kids and deflecting some of their behavior!!!! He had the whole party(130 ppl) engaged throughout the entire night! I could go on and on about how much we love him. Our dancers were the best, Brooke & Rachel knew how to keep the kids and adults partying all night long!!!!

From the start of planning Meghan & McKenzie were in constant communication with me and answered ALL my questions( which were A LOT 😂)!!! The special effects were AMAZING, from the cold sparks and the CO2, which was John Ross’ favorite!! I cannot thank ALL of you enough!!!! We had the time of our lives because of all of you❤️ – Mindy Owens