MC Shannon

“When I think of Shannon, I realize that she is one of the most warm hearted and genuinely uplifting people I have ever had the privilege to know and work with. Over the last 10 years I have worked with her at countless events and have seen that she always makes a tremendous effort to engage everyone in the room, from the youngest toddlers to the oldest grandmothers and grandfathers. MC Shannon is truly a professional performer who is second to none. Her incredible stage presence, positivity, and unique style make her events some of the greatest ones I have ever seen. With her beautiful smile and her incredible ability to light up any room, I cannot recommend anyone better to host your event then Shannon. As your MC, Shannon will not only become a part of your event , but she will also become a part of your family.”
– Safi El Masri – Artisan Foods Inc., General Manager

“Shannon is a ray of sunlight. Her smile lights up the room and Her energy pulls you in. She has a sincerity about her that encompasses her beautiful aura! Our team loves working with her and she’s an asset to any event”
– Toni Jade

“Having been in this business for almost 30 years….. I can honestly say that Shannon just “BRINGS IT”!!! She is the ultimate professional when it comes to getting her job done and most importantly HAVING FUN at it as well! Her positive aura just brings out the best in her and the people around her!!”
–  Lou Santa Barbara

“MC Shannon has a smile that is so contagious! She has been my inspiration as well as my bestfriend in the company since I started. She’s trustworthy, genuine and constantly working hard to better herself within Pure Energy and her overall life”
– Brooke Edelstein

“She’s got a smile so bright that you won’t need party lights.”
“Shannon’s positivity and energy carries the party like no other”
“Working with Shannon is truly a pleasure. Her personality and passion are an energy that fills the room.
– Jonathan Mavila with Mavila Photography

“Shannon lights up the room with her smile and enthusiasm. She goes the extra mile by engaging guests and kids alike, on and off the dance floor. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do as an MC!”
– Flora Doone, The Loft At Congress.

“Shannon irradiates great feelings and very positive energy every place where she is on. Her ENERGY is PURE, it is in the way she expresses it, it comes from her heart. I love working with her.”
– Carlos Aristizabal

“Shannon was the best MC ever! Her passion and energy had everyone up and dancing the whole night! She is so special and we were so lucky to have her rock our party!!”
– Heather Weissman