Raul Lira

Raul Lira Lira grew up with the sounds of Latin and afro Venezuelan drums and from a young age knew his career path would be as a professional percussionist.  He developed a passion to play bongos, congas, djembe and cumacos, however he wanted more and took up the timbales and so many other percussion instruments which allow him to perform with such versatility.  He continues to challenge himself today by performing with some of the biggest names in the Entertainment Industry.  Raul was a part of the Miami Nightclub scene performing alongside some of the biggest International Disc Jockey’s and helped create the South Beach Sound.  He has been featured live in various televised programs and seen in music videos for the famous salsa legend Gilberto Santa Rosa and Mano Santa.  He also performed in concert with Grammy Nominee; Loco Por Juana. Raul enjoys playing live percussion for bands and DJ “Live” creating an explosive atmosphere that is addictive to all.