Pure Energy entertainers
We attribute our success to our most valuable resource, our amazing entertainers. They inspire us to bring the highest standards of entertainment in a manner that defines professionalism and enthusiasm.

All of our MC’s are partners and work exclusively with the Pure Energy Entertainment. You can book them by name and have peace of mind that you know exactly who will be performing the day of your celebration. If you book one of our specials, it will be one of our MC partners performing. No matter which MC, you will be meeting with them personally to get to know them within 4 weeks of your celebration to go over every detail for what we call the “Finals appointment”.

Every MC works with one of our certified DJ’s building a relationship that creates the ability to make parties far more fluid and unique.

Our dancers are the backbone of our company. They are a blend of dancer, socialite and caretaker all rolled into one. Of course they can dance. But their duties extend way beyond their title. They have a profound understanding of the significance of the celebration they are a part of. They understand where they need to be and what they should be doing, how to conduct an incredible grand entrance, facilitate an amazing Horah and make everyone from the youngest of children to the eldest of grand-parents feel important on your special day.