Pure Energy Musicology

DJ Live was created to offer our clients a very unique, chic and sexy way of entertaining you and your guests at any type of Celebration. We combine Vocalists and Musicians with a DJ to create a live stage presence with a limitless repertoire of music. With the right combination we can provide your event with musical ambience transitioning from formal elegance to festive fun, the way you envision it! This entertaining combination will create a very fun and exciting atmosphere; the DJ spins live with the musicians and or vocalists introducing a seamless non-stop musical experience.

With DJ Live, our professional Disc Jockey is considered the bandleader and mixes the musicians and vocalist’s music, this entertainer allows the musicians to be embedded into the musical arrangements and featured for solo performances.

We can provide saxophone, wind instruments, guitarists and percussionists introducing many styles including but not limited to Rock, R&B, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Trance, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, African and World Beat. Performing DJ “Live” allows our singers and musicians the ability to serenade your guests for that added touch of elegance.

Much of today’s latest music is created through combinations of instruments and beats laid down together to create musical arrangements. With the DJ “Live” Concept it allows our talent to perform any style of music from yesterday to the latest hits of today.