MC David

“It is truly an honor to share my personal and professional thoughts about David Kiernan, but to do it briefly is a challenge! David is not only one of my all time FAVORITE people on the planet, but he is one of the most professional, compassionate, hard working and dedicated people I know in the event industry today. David constantly finds ways to perfect his craft, but he invests in every person who works with him to elevate them to become the best professionals they can be. There are very few people, let alone professionals, who operate with the incredibly high degree (off the charts, really..) of professionalism that he does today, so I am beyond honored and humbled to call him my friend and colleague. I have LOTS of vendors I recommend in the industry, but David is my “go-to-best-in-class” professional MC and business owner I know!”
– Cantor Debbi Ballard

“What an inspiration as a human and entertainer! His dedication and passion for this industry is very contagious and he truly loves what he does. It shows not only when watching him do his thing at every event, but how he has created a fantastic group of entertainers. On a personal level, he has been an inspiration to do better in what I do, and I thank him for that! Pure energy is what he really is!”
– Sofia Roth Luna Enertainment

“David made each of my three daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs outstanding events. David and his team were completely professional and their ability to be inclusive to every guest was remarkable. Our guests for the 2nd and 3rd events asked, even almost demanded that David MC the next Bat Mitzvahs. He captures the young guests’ attentions and knew how to manage the venue personnel regarding timing and flow of the event. A complete turnkey team.”
– Jack Schnieder

“MC David is amazing! We have used him for both our boys Mitzvahs and he keeps getting better and better. He is super passionate about what he does and he was incredibly helpful from start to finish. He keeps all the kids and adults on the dance floor all night with his high energy and experience.”
– Lori Dubin
“From the first time I saw an worked with MC David , I felt he’s energy, he’s devotion to entertain and make everyone happy. He’s an amazing entertainer and he’s company name says it all ‘PURE ENERGY’ “
– Ruben Senderey
“I have known MC David and his team for many years, I have had the pleasure of seeing him work a room, his fabulous energy really makes a difference in getting your party started! David and his team do events like no one else I know.”
– Phyllis Bard, Kids In Distress
“MC David and staff are fabulous! As an Event Planner,every weekend after my events have come to an end, I thank my vendor’s on social media for a job well done. I have been working with you for years and always find you to be filled with a huge amount of “Energy”. You and your team are professional, outgoing and bursting with personality,always making my clients super happy! I have been in this business for 32 years and have seen it all, but honestly you give a special meaning to the word” Entertainer”. You should be proud of the Pure Energy team, they learned all that they know about the Entertainment business from you!! To anybody who will listen, I would highly recommend MC David and his incredible staff for your event! From the bottom of my heart you will love the feeling at the end of your party when you hug MC David goodbye, thinking when can I hire him for another fantastic party??? This was absolutely amazing!! For as long as you will keep Entertaining, I will keep having my clients hire you!”
– Debbie Malaga DM Events & Design