MC Justin

MC Justin

“My event was simply amazing thanks to the Pure Energy team. MC Justin was the life of the party, our crowd just loved him!! Everyone has been asking me about you guys since Noah’s Bar Mitzvah. Can’t wait to have again in 2 years for Dylan’s!!”
– Jamie Meredith Paul

“We had the time of our lives at our son Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. It’s just not a party without Pure Energy Entertainment. MC Justin was in the house & beyond amazing. He had everyone on the dance floor all party long. “
– Suzanne Serchay Cruz

“Justin Trujillo you were fantastic. We are still trying to come down from the high of the party. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one in a few weeks.”
– James De Nitto

MC Matt

MC Matt

“MC Matt is the man! Over the past 12 years I have worked with him at countless events and have seen that he always makes a tremendous effort to engage every single person in the room. Matt is not just an MC, he is a professional performer whose showmanship is second to none. Matt is truly one of the most energetic and uplifting people I have ever had the privilege to know and work with.”
“As an amazing host and dancer, MC Matt is someone who can turn any room, anywhere, into the hottest nightclub! He is extremely charismatic, charming, and just a wonderful person to be around.”
“His incredible stage presence, positivity, and unique style make his events the greatest ones I have ever seen. With his movie star good looks, tremendous charisma, and the incredible ability to light up any room, I cannot compare MC Matt to any other MC I have ever encountered. None of them stand a chance next to MC Matt. I have never once thought of Matt as a colleague, but rather, to me he is a good friend. As a very genuine and good-hearted man, Matt will not only become a part of your event , but he will also become a part of your family. He is truly the best, and I cannot recommended anyone better to help you celebrate your big day!”
– Safi El Masri – General Manager, Artisan Foods Inc.


MC Andres

“We had the pleasure of having Andres as our MC for our son’s Bar Mitzvah. We can’t say enough about how great Andres was. When we first met Andres he wanted to get a feel for what our son’s interests were so our son could be comfortable at his own party. He was able to take our son’s vision on what he wanted (rap songs) and combine it to what we wanted (Dance songs). Andres was able to keep the party hopping which is no small feat when all the kids were mostly boys. He had all the boys up dancing all night, not to mention the adults. It was an amazing party due to Pure Energy’s DJ and Dancers, and especially Andres. Our party was almost 1 month ago and we are still getting calls from parents of the kids and our other guests telling us how amazing of a time they had. We owe it all to Andres and his team.”
– Ron and Dawn Cummings

“Words can’t express the gratitude our family has for Pure Energy! Andres, you’re simply the best!”
– Tara-Josh Collins

“Thank you to MC Andres and everyone at Pure Energy for helping us celebrate Brooke. The whole team was a pleasure to work with and all of you were a big part of making the day a huge success! Thanks again!!”
– Darren Nacht

“The best! A Plus you are amazing adorable and awesome!!”
– Rachel Seifer

“Andres you were truly amazing! We had the time of our lives and could not be more thankful for Team Andres and all the energy and fun you created!”
– Sarah Shullman

MC Geo

MC Geo

“MC Geo and the Pure Energy crew were beyond fabulous. The kids did not stop dancing for 4 hours. Geo is the real deal. MC, dancer, entertainer and all around great guy. We were so lucky to have him and their amazing dancers and DJ at our party. It was a weekend to remember.”
-Laura Bloom

“If you look at Geo, he is always smiling and interacting at parties. He is a person who gives good energy and happiness around . Our team loves working with him.”
-Hector and Monika of Partigliani photography

“A smile that lights up a room and a heart that fills up a room. He has an innate joy for life and behind the scenes he works with a passion and dedication that is an inspiration to be around. All of that and he has the the strength of character to help and mentor others to help them with their goals and dreams”
– David Kiernan

“I love working with MC Geo. Cool , calm and collected is the name of his game. I know that when the music gets going … Geo can’t help himself and the energy level goes through the roof! A born entertainer and a very charming, welcoming, and caring host…any client would be lucky to have Geo emcee their celebration!”
– MC David Brown

Geo did an incredible job of keeping the party rocking all night long! The energy in the room was amazing!! Geo has the dance floor packed all night and he made sure Noah had the best night of his life!
-Staci Wilson

“Geo is, the man! From his awesome personality to his amazing dance instructions, he will certainly show you and your friends an amazing time!”
– MC Alberto

“I met Geo 3 years ago when he accidentally walked into my studio looking for Pure Energy. Ironically I was looking for a hip hop instructor at the time and the stars must have been aligned! His charismatic personality and charm had me excited from the start. I knew he would make the perfect addition to our team. My first impression held true as he has taught numerous hip hop classes for us and his students love every minute they spend with him and have excelled in the style under his tutelage. Most recently he has brought ballroom style dancing to our studio and it has been an immediate hit. Geo is enthusiastic about everything he does, reliable and a pure joy to be around!”
– Kristin Vincent, Owner Director of Xpress Yourself Dance Studio


MC Trace

“Naturally talented and charismatic, Trace will brighten up every room he enters. Humble and passionate about life, he is a natural entertainer.”
–  MC David K

“You are SO right. His hair is amazing as is his style but what really hooked me to MC Trace was his smile. JUST KIDDING! That smile is so cute but it’s his heart, passion for life and charisma that differentiates him. Really, If I could go back in time to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah, I would chose Trace as my MC. I know he would make sure I’m having the time of my life, dancing to the coolest music and smiling non-stop.”
–  MC Sooz

“MC Trace, what a sweet full of energy personality, you shine on the stage every time i get to see you, keep that light spirit and keep rocking it!”
–  Sofia, Luna Entertainment

“MC Trace is unbelievable amazing, I had the honor to work with him in several opportunities and every time he impressed me more and more… His way to entreating in any event is incredible, his energy, smile, and confidence in what he does, makes him be one of the BEST!”
– Maria, Studio five photography

MC Sooz

MC Sooz

“We used MC SOOZ for our son’s Bar Mitzvah & could not have been happier!!! The personal touches she added were amazing & she really listened to everything we requested.”
– Alyssa Friedman

“The best company to have your Mitzvah with. As an industry professional, I would only recommend this company to anybody having an event. They are on point with every single detail. Truly professional. MC Sooz knocked it out of the park for my daughter’s bat-mitzvah. I would give 10 stars if possible. There’s no other choice. PURE ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT IS THE BEST”
– Yoel Hyman